Your Pastoral Care Workers are here to stay

Written by on June 5, 2018

Your school Pastoral Care Workers aren’t going anywhere.

The Federal Government has just announced the School Ministry Group’s funding will continue. This means that Pastoral Care Workers can continue to remain in schools, and support students, families and the staff.

This is great news, because the school chaplaincy program has brought so much support to schools. Pastoral Care Workers are compassionate, and there to listen. They are at their schools almost everyday, and become known and loved in their school community.

Students don’t see them as a teacher, so they are more approachable. They are often described as welcoming and encouraging, and they help to bring people together.

They make a place for students who are struggling to fit in, and help them to gain confidence in themselves. With the renewal of the funding, the chaplaincy program will now have a special focus on anti-bullying.

Last Friday, Jayne and Pete visited the Schools Ministry Group to talk about the new funding, and what it means to be a pastoral care worker.

If you feel like it is your calling to become a Pastoral Care Worker, visit the Schools Ministry Group’s Website to find out more.

Otherwise you can support them by giving to their website.




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