You Can’t Shortcut the Seasons

Written by on January 6, 2021

Life and nature are all about seasons. A year ago, my family moved to the beach. I felt like it was for life. I was convinced we had found our place, our forever home. During the year I was praying about what was next for us, I felt that God showed me it was for a season.

I am not a patient person. We had to decide if we should extend our lease. I was all for moving on and out, just for a season, seasons up, let’s go, people. I felt that small whisper that said…You can’t short cut the season.

Seasons in our life happen for a reason. The season I most want to short cut is Winter. Winter seasons in life kind of suck. They are cold and harsh, and they seem never-ending. So what happens if we short cut it? Does it matter?

Perennial plants go into a season of dormancy to conserve energy during unfavourable growing conditions. If the weather is unseasonably warm and the plant breaks dormancy when the cold returns, the green growth dies, and the plant can be lost for the growing season.

The short answer is, it matters. I don’t ever want to short cut a season and be lost for the next season of growth. When I try to rush a season, no matter which season it is…I end up right back at the same place a year or so later, it’s like wandering around in circles.

Seasons are for a reason. The growth seasons, the dormancy seasons, They all achieve a purpose in our lives. No matter which season you are in, God is unchangeable throughout.

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