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Written by on July 17, 2017

Radio is free right?

You can get in your car, press a button and boom – it just happens.

Sometimes 1079 Life makes you laugh, has music you like (or not), makes you mad when you don’t agree, it makes you think – and at all times it is a companion. Together we are all part of the 1079 Life family.

But radio is not free. It costs over $1.2 million dollars each year to be there where you press the car, home stereo or radio app play button.

In June this year 1079 Life listeners donated $260,000 to the station!

Margy and Mark (pictured about with their children) chose to give to our appeal, here is why they give…

Thanks for continuing to provide a refreshing positive vibe through the airways and Christian messages of hope and encouragement.

It’s great to listen to you in the car and be encouraged, strengthened and filled up for the day.

While we encourage positive comments and no ‘put downs’ in schools, it is not often modelled in society, so thank you.

I pray that many lives are touched at crucial times for your positive content.

You don’t have to wait until our appeals to donate – why not give to 1079 Life now?

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