Wardrobe War of the Sexes

Written by on October 24, 2019

Battlelines are being drawn in bedrooms across South Australia as couples fight for their fair share of wardrobe space.

Closets jammed with clothes, shoes, accessories and luggage are causing tension and putting a strain on relationships.

But couples sick of clashing over clutter are turning to experts to help them end their wardrobe wars.

Adelaide storage expert Dave Strutton has seen an increased demand for custom-designed ‘his and hers’ wardrobes.

“The one-size-fits all approach to wardrobes just doesn’t work because men and women have different needs,” Mr Strutton said.

“Women will often complain to me that they don’t have enough room for their shoes or appropriate hanging spaces for their long dresses, while men don’t know what to do with all their ties, belts and watches,” he said.

“Everyone’s tired of tripping over each other in the morning, trying to get ready for work. They’re wasting time and getting stressed looking for missing items and re-ironing crinkled clothing.”

Mr Strutton, the owner of Howards Storage World at Mile End, said men are taking a lot more interest in wardrobe design.

“I think it’s fair to say that men’s needs haven’t always been considered when it comes to wardrobes,” Mr Strutton said.

“But that has changed and we’re now seeing a lot more products on the market that cater specifically for men’s storage needs, such as watch and cufflink cases.”

Mr Strutton, who works on storage designs for new and existing wardrobes and runs instore wardrobe workshops, said the key to a good “his and hers’ wardrobe was to use products that maximised the available space.

His wardrobe must-haves include:

  • Hanging systems – create as much hanging space as possible and have areas for longer and shorter items.
  • Drawers – restrict the number of drawers and go for shallower options to avoid clothes becoming buried and lost.
  • Space Bags – in summer store away bulky clothing, such as woollen jumpers and thick coats, to create extra space. 
  • Tubs and boxes – items such as bags and boots can be stored in different-sized containers that are either labelled or see-through.
  • Shoe storage – shoes can be stored neatly either along the bottom of a wardrobe or in a specially-designed shoe library, consisting of acrylic doors or gliding racks.  
  • Accessory trays – items such as watches, earrings and necklaces also need to be stored properly so they don’t get lost or tangled.   

Mr Strutton said spring was the perfect time for couples to call a truce on their wardrobe wars.

“While most men and women who live together share a wardrobe, research shows most are not happy about it,” Mr Strutton said.

“A UK survey found one in three British women have secretly thrown out a wardrobe item belonging to their partner. The fact is, we wear 20 per cent of our clothes 80 per cent of the time. We need to

carefully consider whether the rest is wardrobe worthy,” he said.

“If you don’t love it, or it doesn’t fit. you should get rid of it. Do it before your partner does it for you!”

Dave Strutton is the owner of Howards Storage Mile End

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