Vision and Values


1079 Life aims to challenge and influence contemporary thinking by presenting a Biblical worldview through broadcasting that leads people to a revelation of God’s grace and encourages them to connect to the local Christian Church as followers of Christ.

1079 Life delivers the vision by…

  • Creating innovative, dynamic and relevant program content and personalities that connect with secular and Christian audiences
  • Using and exploring diverse technologies to effectively present the Biblical worldview
  • Supporting the vision with a team of diligent and dedicated staff who are committed to the Christian mission
  • Creating efficient and fully extended sponsorship and fundraising teams that fuel our mandate and impact future growth
  • Encouraging all Christians to engage in the vision through Life FM membership and financial support
  • Creating a brand that attracts our target audience to the station
  • Underpinning all endeavours with high quality and accurate research
  • Under girding all activities with continuing and deliberate prayer


Christian Radio Inc trading as 1079 Life is a registered charity, ABN 82 994 708 317 and has DGR status under section 30-15 item 1 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997. Registered address PO Box 1079 West Lakes SA 5021

Current track