The Takeover

With Elf and the crew 7-9pm Monday – Friday

Looking for fun, giveaways, and the best music? The Takeover is the place to be! Hosted by Elf and an amazing crew of young adults, The Takeover is all things youth and young adults in Adelaide! Check us out on Snapchat: TheTakeover1079 and Instagram/Facebook: 1079 Life

The first Tuesday of every month we welcome Pastor Lochy to discuss ‘The Big Heavy Stuff’ in young peoples’ lives.

Every second Wednesday we have ‘Moments for Mental Health’ with Talk Out Loud, a local Suicide Prevention Charity.

Every Friday The Top 10 Countdown starts at 8pm. Vote via text message each week to get your favourite song into the top 10!

We love to chat and showcase the very best of you at every opportunity and volunteering with The Takeover is the best place to kick start your journey into radio and media.

Can you contribute to The Takeover Crew with a story or a regular part of the show? Text us at 0413 90 1079


The Crew: 

Elf – Talks more about her puppy than her husband, plays field hockey in the winter AND the summer, is actively involved with her hockey clubs and volunteers with local charity Cos We Care. She is always looking for the funniest, most interesting stories and people to share, as well as showcasing the young leaders in our communities. 

Thomas – Enjoys spending time at the theatre and travelling interstate. He works full time in a furniture warehouse building his muscles, and enjoys spending time with co-hosts on 1079 Life, always having a laugh and sharing in their life stories. 

David – Enjoys playing guitar, creating videos, playing videogames and going to the gym. He enjoys making people smile whenever he goes on air!

Maz – Spends her spare time seeking out Adelaide’s best coffee spots, shopping and cheering on The Power! She loves being on The Takeover to minister Jesus’ love to thousands of other young people in a unique way!

Caz – Loves media and going to the gym and she runs a website called Everything Adelaide, so expect her to know where the party is at! Caz has been with 1079 Life for years and her favourite time of the week is the Top 10 Countdown on Friday nights!

Sheri – Studying animal science, Sheri always knows when the cutest animals are being born, and as a lover of Dungeons and Dragons, has an amazing imagination. Perfect for The Takeover!

Shannon – Knows way too much about lego due to working at a toy store! Shannon loves working with youth, is studying youth work, and is brand new to The Takeover! 


The Lineup: 

Monday – Elf, Thomas and Sheri

Tuesday – Elf, David and Thomas

Wednesday – Elf, Shannon and Sheri

Thursday – Elf and Maz

Friday – Elf and Caz


Taking over the airwaves..THE TAKEOVER.

Would you like to join the team? Find out how here.


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