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Earlier this year an event occurred in an Australian school that caused both national headlines and outrage. A Victorian school organized a diversity session in which the social worker guiding the session asked all the boys who identified as white and Christian to stand up. She then labelled them oppressors.

This is preposterous and parents rightly have demanded the worker to be sacked. But the event is a symptom of a far deeper problem that has taken hold in Western society, the issue of poisonous identity politics coupled with a complete ignorance of actual history.

Now as a Person of Colour (POC) I think the whole identity politics furor is garbage and dangerous garbage at that. This whole notion that white people and the West in general is guilty of all the sins in the world is ignorant at best and racist at worst.

Lets take the two biggest sins that are often attributed to the oppressive West: Empire/Colonialism and slavery.

Empire building is not a sin you can attribute solely to the “evil” West. Every nation has either conquered or been conquered. Most have experienced both.

Yes the West had empires. But so did many other civilizations.

The Turkish had the Ottoman Empire, the Iraqi’s had the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires. The South Africans had the Zulu Empire, the Malians (West Africa) had their Empire, the Aztec and Incan people of Central and South America had their empires. In Mongolia the great empire builder Genghis Khan is considered a national hero.

In more recent times Japan tried and failed in the the Empire building business in WW2.

If people are to condemn the idea of Empire building and colonialism they would have to condemn all of them or otherwise be labelled racist hypocrites themselves.

In an odd way this prescribing of POC as eternal victims of Western Empire building projects is in itself racist. Empires are built by the strong and ruthless yet it seems these attributes are only seen in the white man.

POC, in the view of these social justice warriors, are only fit to be victims or passive onlookers in the narrative (tell that to the westerners and non westerners who felt the full brunt of Japanese WW2 empire building policy).

Other attempts to claim everything the West has done is racist has been nothing short of hilarious. In the UK the once venerable Oxford University apparently wants to decolonize the measurement system claiming that the Imperial system is linked to Empire building and thereby racist.

Perhaps these academics are struggling to justify their pay checks.

The second major sin attributed solely to the West is slavery. I’m sorry but history is littered with slavery and every race including whites have suffered for it. The Colosseum was built on slave labor. The Ottoman Empire and various Middle Eastern Caliphates had slave markets. Slavery played an integral part in the civilizations of pre-colonised America and Africa. The Saudi’s only abolished slavery in 1962.

The West actually did a lot to stamp out slavery. Most people know of the Atlantic slave trade. What is less well known, or just most likely ignored, is after slavery was abolished in 1833 the British navy undertook campaigns to free slaves that were being transported by other nations.

They also bought a lot of slaves from the Americans, returned them to Africa and set them free. The Sierra Leon city of Freetown is a direct legacy of this policy.

After the abolishment of slavery in America , US warships patrolled the Atlantic and Mediteranean rescuing slaves from Barbary pirate ships operating out of North Africa.

Should any of these non western nations mentioned apologise for their Empire building/colonisation projects or their slave trade? Perhaps they should acknowledge it but they shouldn’t self flagellate themselves over it (or obviously repeat it).

Or even worse blame children for crimes they didn’t commit. Australian students shouldn’t feel ashamed or guilty over colonisation anymore than their German counterparts should feel guilt or shame over the Holocaust.

Martin Luther King dreamed of a day in which people are judged by the qualities in their heart rather than the colour of their skin. Yet we seem to be reverting to poisonous race based ideology in which the sins of past generations are fostered onto the present.

One may accuse me of naivety but I know that history has always been political and biased. There is no doubt that this division is profiting some.

But what do these so called racial justice crusaders think is going to happen. Perhaps in their view society will eventually come round to their point of view and everything is going to end well.

However instead we are seeing growing divisions throughout the West as everyday citizens feel that they are being marginalised and their cultural identity disrespected.

Scott Morrison was right in a recent press conference to denounce identity politics. Australia should avoid this toxic racial division peddled out by self righteous and condescending academics. It should also ask serious questions about what exactly is taught in our universities.

As a POC I firmly believe Australia is one of the best and most welcoming countries on earth. It has a dark past in certain areas but so does every country. It isn’t, as some ardently believe, racist. Yes there are racist people in Australia but it isn’t institutionally racist. If it were people wouldn’t be flocking to live in Australia. In contrast to 90’s Apartheid South Africa people of all different backgrounds want to live in Australia

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