The Meaning of Mother’s Day

Written by on May 6, 2021

Written by Jayden Hill

Sometimes you feel like you love them, and sometimes you feel a little less positive; no, I’m not talking about your favourite TV show character or sports team, I’m talking about mothers.

Your mum is the one who brought you into your life, and to put it simply, without her, and you wouldn’t be on this earth.

The History of Mother’s Day goes back many years and had been thought of long before the 19th century.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans actually held celebrations in honour of motherhood and the foundation of who a mother is. In the 1600’s ‘Mothering Sunday’ was instigated by the Church of England to recognise Mary the mother of Jesus; this then expanded to celebrate all mothers.

Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, a Christian Lady, promoted and developed the meaning of Mother’s Day in 1908. ‘Mothers Friendship Day’ was established which then lead to the introduction of ‘Mother’s Day clubs’. Here the basics of sanitisation and nursing were taught to the mother’s by Ann.

After Ann’s passing, her daughter Anna wanted to keep Mother’s Day and continued the work to establish a day where mothers would be celebrated. Then the United States in 1914 announced that the second Sunday of May every year would be classified as Mother’s Day.

Ten years after Mother’s Day was established in the US, Australia officially decided to also have a day dedicated to mums. Mainly introduced to bring harmony and peace for women as well as support them, In Australia, it has also been a day for family reunions and to bring families together.

To me, Mother’s Day is to thank my mum for what she has done for me, whether that’s helping me with homework, everyday life or simply doing the washing.

As I have gotten older, it has made me realise how much you should appreciate your mum and not just think of one day to celebrate who she is but to appreciate her every day for what she does.

It’s okay and easy to say, ‘yeah, I appreciate her, and I am thankful for what she does’, but its another thing actually proving that I love her, and I’m thankful for what she does. Whether that’s buying her a coffee or just randomly getting her favourite food, it’s the small things that matter.

Like every Mother-child relationship, there is always the odd argument, disagreement or tension, but it’s just how it is and we both know deep down that we love each other, and we always move past it.

I got given three free football tickets last Saturday, and I could have taken two of my mates, but I decided to take my mum and nanna instead. Some people think it might be weird and make jokes that a 22-year-old decided to take their mum and nanna to the football. However, as I mentioned earlier, without them I wouldn’t be here today and I have a great relationship with them, meaning doing different things with them will make long-lasting memories.

Whether it’s playing card games and watching the sitcom Friends with her or just going for a walk with her by my side, it’s these times I cherish the most in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.

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