The Impact You Have with 1079 Life: Karen.

Written by on September 16, 2020

1079 Life are inviting you to partner with the station to make a big impact.

Coming up this Thursday 17th is your chance to be a regular part of the 1079 Life family by pledging to be a “Life Partner”. Life Partners are people who decide up-front on an annual amount they wish to donate to 1079 Life, and then spread out their gift, usually over monthly instalments. Their donation is made via a nominated credit card or by direct credit.

It’s through people like you, partnering with 1079 Life, that the station is able to impact Adelaide in a way that tangibly changes lives. Over the next week we will share some of the stories that have impacted us.


Single mum Karen had been suffering through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression. There were times where she felt “suicidal, like I didn’t matter”. Sadly this is a sentiment shared by so many others in today’s society where social media and advertising often have us comparing ourselves to an ideal that is not obtainable.

1079 Life was what turned things around for Karen. She says “a song would come on or something that was said would just make me realise that I did matter and that God had a plan for my life and not to give up.”

But it wasn’t just for her that songs would come on that changed her outlook. Over and over, when driving with kids bickering and fighting in the car, she found a way to get through. “A song would come on that I knew was okay for them to sing and we would just crank up the music and it would just change the mood in the car. We were able to get home safely and I was in a better place to be there, to be there for them”.

What I’m seeing is sometimes things that are said that make you laugh and when you’re in a dark place and in despair, you don’t do a lot of laughter and it’s amazing the power that laughter has. To just be able to laugh has also been really helpful…

Karen partners with 1079 Life because “what God has done in my life and my kids, through the radio station is for other people [too]”.

You can partner with 1079 Life and help make a tangible difference in someone else’s life. Find out more about what a Life Partner is here.

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