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The parents of Dolly Everett, a 14 year old girl who took her own life after being bullied, have created a very powerful video to address cyber bullying.

Every time I read this scripture I feel I am missing something. How do I get this rest you speak of? How do I get away with God and recover my life?

I tried the spin class and almost died. The lady on the bike next to me was also there for the first time. When we did the standing ride, I almost fell off.

I’ve been learning about the Enneagram for about five minutes now and I’m here for you with the most basic answers in case you too have been wondering.

It seems most common among those under 40, and it is particularly dismal with people under the age of 25. We seem to have lost the art of introduction.

Me: “God, is this a sign? Should I get a lotto ticket?”. Also Me: “Don’t be ridiculous. It’s literally a sign. It’s not a sign from God.”

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