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The busy pace of life and all the technology around us hides the need for patience. Here’s 10 tips to help your family have more patience this Christmas.

In the glossy image of Christmas, I think we’ve got caught up on just one way of giving without understanding what it really means to be generous.

Magazines may portray Christmas as a time of peace and harmony, but we all know it can be a long way from that. Here’s how to bring harmony to your house.

Most of us see Christmas as a time of good cheer. But cheerfulness isn’t a given when you are a parent. Here’s how to cultivate it.

As you get ready to stuff the turkey and pop the presents under the tree, here are ten suggestions on how to cultivate joy.

The transition to high school can be a trying time for kids. Here are ten tips to help an anxious child to enjoy the new journey more.

For some kids, this might be the first time they make adult decisions without you. Ensure they’ve got their head around these 5 attitudes before they go.

Parents of go-slow kids live with the constant frustration of waiting. Using routines and clear expectations will make life so much easier.

Talking to children about tragedy is a tough topic for most parents. In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, here’s four things to share with kids.

Know-it-all kids have a way of making life misery for parents. Yet, their most annoying qualities are likely to be their greatest assets.

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