Even if you feel like you’re sinking remember who’s in your boat. Jesus not only calms the storm, but He comforts you in the midst of it.

I have been spending a lot of time editing photos this week. I am a photographer, you can check out my Instagram at either Hope Images or lorrene_mcclymont. I have a huge backlog to get through, so I figured now was an excellent time to get on with it. Freeze Rather Than Fail I found […]

I was at the beach last week and the patterns that the waves left in the sand caught my attention. I noticed that it was the same waves, the same sand, the same beach but the marks left behind in the sand were very different. Storms Affect Us All Differently Life isn’t easy and it […]

It was the disciples fault that they were in this storm because Jesus had told them to wait for him. But instead, they had set out without him.

This is the fourth consecutive year that a Category 5 hurricane has formed in the Atlantic near the US Coast — a record without precedent.

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