One year on, it’s worth us reflecting: what has changed over the last 12 months and how might we act in this new environment?

Freedom of religion is not simply about religion. It’s about the freedom not to be forced by the state to go against our consciences.

Marriage: Is it just a simple union of two individuals or something greater? Is it Individualism or does it also involve children and the broader culture?

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October 24, 2017

“Even in Nigeria I had better freedom of speech than [I have] now,” Councillor Amadi says, regarding changes in the UK law regarding same-sex marriage.

A lot of Aussies aren’t sure why it’s a big issue. James Parker a former gay activist, explains why changing the marriage act is is actually a big deal.

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October 21, 2017

same sex marriage

“The impacts on any change made to your existing charter freedoms is complex and needs careful consideration”, encourages Civil Rights Lawyer

Maybe Australia will be the first country in the Western world to walk that impossible, difficult line between freedom of religion and privacy rights.

“The argument for equality rights has become inflated to such a degree that we’re now willing to use it against religious freedom”.

“In any free and open society it’s extremely important on matters to ensure that both side have their viewpoints protected.” Prof Iain Benson

We need to be lovers of freedom and tolerance. A message for both sides of this postal vote, and one that we’ll need even more in the ashes of the outcome.

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