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I first met Malcolm Duncan a few years ago at a conference we were both speaking at. His confidence on stage was astounding given his background.

According to the experts, writing in a journal can help you reduce stress, increase creativity, solve problems, and manage conflict.

35 of the best fiction, non fiction, and faith-based books that you should check out (and a few that you probably shouldn’t!).

‘Trolls’ use the distance and anonymity of the online world to say abusive things that they wouldn’t otherwise say to your face.

We’re in a time of important change. Stands need to be taken. But when history looks back may it also be said that we took a stand for civility too.

With International Men’s Day just passed, perhaps breaking this taboo will be the next stage of progress in men’s health.

In this secular age it could almost be considered social and professional suicide. So why believe in Christianity at all?

“There are people who die well,” beloved pastor and author Eugene Peterson said recently, ‘and I want to be one.’ Well, Eugene achieved his goal.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you are headed for, or already experiencing emotional (and also possibly physical) burnout.

When managed well, the differences you have with your spouse can help you both grow in areas of weakness, making for a healthier marriage.

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