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One year on, it’s worth us reflecting: what has changed over the last 12 months and how might we act in this new environment?

The head of a leading Christian media outlet has called on ‘No voters’ to accept Australia’s ‘Yes’ for same sex marriage, with good spirit and grace.

Daniel Christianz says it was the very churches that were vandalised with “vote yes” graffiti, where he actually learned to love the gay community.

When two Melbourne churches were vandalised with graffiti by an angry yes campaigner, the pastors responded with peaceful messages of grace and love.

If there’s one expert Australia needs to hear from right now, it’s a Peacemaker. Bruce Burgess gives advice on handling conflict with courage and love.

After months of national debate, many relationships across Australia are suffering. Psychologist Collett Smart offers her keys to the healing process.

As the marriage debate comes to an end, Pastor Brett Ryan offers advice on mending strained relationships, and loving those who disagree with you.

Many Aboriginal elders are worried about how same-sex marriage could affect their traditional kinship structure, handed down over thousands of years.

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October 24, 2017

“Even in Nigeria I had better freedom of speech than [I have] now,” Councillor Amadi says, regarding changes in the UK law regarding same-sex marriage.

Will the call for tolerance of different positions change to a forced acceptance of one position in the same-sex marriage debate?

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