These crisp clusters of Paleo Granola are delicious served with almond milk and fresh fruit or sprinkled over coconut yoghurt.

This tasty tomato-free pizza and meatball sauce is perfect for the Italian food lover that needs to eliminate tomatoes or nightshade vegetables.

These pikelets are soft and fluffy, perfect for afternoon tea or as a healthy after school snack for the kids!

A hearty and healthy breakfast or brunch with a delicious mushroom filling that’s flavoured with coconut aminos, parsley and chives.

A super creamy irresistible chocolatey fudge ice cream dessert that’s dairy-free and made from real ingredients!

This delicious one pot Mexican dish is a hearty and healthy meal the whole family will enjoy!

This delicious dairy free creamy, salted macadamia ice cream dessert will impress your guests with its full flavour and creaminess.

These yummy healthy bite size bliss balls, really do taste like strawberry shortcake. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

This healthy peanut free satay sauce is delicious served warm with satay chicken skewers, or chilled and served as a dipping sauce for raw vegetables.

This is the perfect replacement for a soft cheese, it’s spreadable, full of flavour and is versatile in use as a dip, on toast and on pizza.

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