In this conversation with humour and wisdom, hear how the death of someone close prompted this guy to confront some of life’s biggest questions.

If we can all hear God’s voice for ourselves, do we still need to go to church?

We don’t want to speak badly to our children. But… now and then we find ourselves stressed out, and those words just flow.

As a dad, you have a powerful influence over your son. Dr. Robert Lewis shares a vision of biblical manhood for father and son, in terms of knighthood.

In our Western world, it’s not difficult to lived a good life. But God has a very different life for those who choose to follow him. It’s a good life, but it’s more than good.

Sheri Rose Shepherd, a young beauty pageant winner, was addicted to approval, and needed it in order to feel beautiful. Yet she felt ugly inside. Hear her story of hope and healing.

Most people, regardless of their baseline level of self-control, can be taught to exercise greater control.

If you know your ‘why’ in life, you’ll find your way. But if you don’t, everything else is in your way.

My daughter thinks it’s ok to say frigging as it’s not the “real” word. Recently one of my kids has learnt to express her anger by using her middle finger. How do I teach her that’s not ok?

Katherine nearly died, but Jay remained by her side during the next two years of recovery. The dramatic story of a young couple who survived a stroke, kept their marriage strong, and now offer hope to others!

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