1079 Life had some exciting news on Saturday night! A group of 1079 Life staff and volunteers attended the annual South Australian Community Broadcasters Association Inc. (SACBA), Bilby Awards 2018. We are pleased to announce that our station received two awards. The Roadies received “Best Community Engagement” Award. For their excellence in promoting the station […]

14-year-old Adul (pronounced Adun) attends a Compassion child development project based at Maesai Grace Church, which has been supporting him since the age of seven.

While the many exploits of the seafarers who mapped the world have been well documented, those of their cats have not. This new book provides a cat’s-eye view of maritime history.

Australia is facing a rubbish and recycling crisis of enormous proportions. Our addiction to a throwaway culture is catching up with us.

It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds, according to some futurists. The technology exists; it’s only the moral codes of Western powers that have so far stopped that horse from bolting, they say.

Ronald Henderson famously chaired a Commission of Inquiry into Poverty in the early 1970’s. Following the release of the Commission’s reports, the ‘Henderson Poverty Line’ became the standard used by researchers to gauge progress in the community.

What is life like when you have been held in offshore detention for four years, with little to no hope of permanent resettlement?

The result of the marriage survey, with its consequent change to the law, has opened up the question of religious freedom in Australia.

Just days after returning from Bangladesh Rev Tim Costello said that it was “the worst human suffering that I have personally witnessed”.

Daniel Christianz says it was the very churches that were vandalised with “vote yes” graffiti, where he actually learned to love the gay community.

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