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Since last summer’s bushfires and through the COVID pandemic, the tenacious Australian spirit and our harsh landscapes have carried a new significance to many across our country.

Christmas Jars follows cadet journalist Hope Jensen, who finds a jar of money and ends up uncovering an anonymous movement of generosity.

A re-telling of the Icelandic movie that takes us into a proud sheep farming community, whose livelihood and identity comes under threat

It’s the plotlines political dramas are made of, but what makes The Comey Rule compelling, it’s that it’s all meant to be true.

Inhabiting the role of a truly modern romantic comedy, The Broken Hearts Gallery is littered with social commentary on cultural ideasl.

If you weren’t on a hyperactive sugar high before watching Trolls: World Tour, you’ll certainly feel like you’re immersed in one afterwards.

The High Note could easily be written-off as another fairytale story of making it in the big city but it’s more about risks and reinvention.

Enola Holmes is about the young investigator’s first case and the challenges she faces being a woman in a male-dominated world.

The Secret Garden shows the healing power of togetherness and how even the most barren areas of our lives can find growth again.

As far as Disney heroines go, Mulan is one of a kind. Her story of not waiting to fit in and to serve with her gifts is timeless and inspiring.

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