Work and life are not necessarily in competition, but rather both are key to our contributions, relationships and fulfilment.

New national research shows that COVID-19 is having a substantial impact on the Aussie spirit, our relationships and spirituality.

New population modelling reveals that by mid-century, the top four countries by population will be India, Nigeria, China and the USA.

Much has been made of the name Karen in memes and social media recently, yet the Australian births data paints a very different picture.

More than two in five Aussies have experienced fewer colds and flus since social distancing and hygiene practices were introduced compared to last year.

65% of children entering primary school today may ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t even exist yet!

New research reveals that one in three people in accommodation and food services have lost their jobs since Australia’s 100th case of COVID-19.

The latest migration data reveals Australia is increasingly culturally diverse with three in ten Australians born overseas according to the ABS.

The data is in, and Australia’s top baby names are revealed! Around one in ten babies born last year were given a top ten baby name.

In order for us to lead this next generation through a time of crisis, it is important that we understand them and the world that is shaping them.

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