New research reveals that one in three people in accommodation and food services have lost their jobs since Australia’s 100th case of COVID-19.

The latest migration data reveals Australia is increasingly culturally diverse with three in ten Australians born overseas according to the ABS.

The data is in, and Australia’s top baby names are revealed! Around one in ten babies born last year were given a top ten baby name.

In order for us to lead this next generation through a time of crisis, it is important that we understand them and the world that is shaping them.

We are living in times of unprecedented change, Australians are responding to these and the impact they have on how they work and learn.

During times of great uncertainty and change, people look for confidence, a sense of direction, and a sense of where things are at from their leaders.

A recent survey reveals that only 6% of Aussies are actually panic buying, but it’s ripple effect is causing the shortages we are seeing in the aisles.

In order for organisations to achieve demographic diversity, it is important to understand what some of the barriers are.

Breaking into the housing market is a hot topic amongst today’s younger generations, but is Generation Y better or worse off than their parents’ generation?

Australia has record low birth rates per couple but a record high number birth overall. At the same time, Australia has a record high life expectancy.

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