Australia is experiencing growth in the proportion of people becoming ‘inked’ with one in four Australians having a tattoo – a record high.

Generation X will easily utilise services or products that will save them time and money so they can experience their own retirement painlessly.

Despite the challenges of 2020, Australians are finding the silver lining and displaying the strength of the Aussie spirit that we are so proud of.

During COVID-19, while many events were cancelled or postponed, those that did go ahead went virtual.

In the next year or two, half of Australians plan on looking for a new home to rent or buy that incorporates more of what they value.

Employed Australians are already seeing long-term cultural changes taking place in their workplace due to COVID-19

Baby Boomers are living longer, more active in the workplace and staying actively involved with children and grandchildren than any previous generation.

According to McCrindle Research, despite the challenges presented this year, two in five Australians have managed to save more money than usual in 2020.

This 2020 report is unlike any previous Foodbank Hunger Report, as it presents a picture of food insecurity in the midst of a once-in-100-year crisis.

Home ownership has felt out of reach for many Gen Ys, and as a result this generation has more of a propensity to focus on lifestyle pursuits.

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