In schools and workplaces, the different approaches to teaching and authority tend to group themselves into four key categories.

Work and life are not necessarily in competition, but rather both are key to our contributions, relationships and fulfilment.

In order to build a strategic mindset in teams, students and business cultures these 4 simple questions can prove helpful.

When we’re infected with tall poppy syndrome, insecurity, fear or pain leads up to cut people down instead of watering them with grace.

If you are finding your conversations are not resulting in what you had hoped, try using these 3 keys to help you ask better questions.

Gen Z is a fascinating group and one that deserves attention and a rich understanding of how to communicate and engage with them.

A posture of humility, an eye for nuance and an ability to transfer are the 3 key elements of deep thinking that will equip us to navigate this digital age.

If business leaders empower their scattered team, then we are guaranteed to see the most unique of innovations spring from the most unique of times.

Re:Imagine is a short course designed to help Christian business and enterprise leaders navigate their way out of the current COVID season with confidence.

Instead of seeing ourselves as victims, we can position ourselves as leaders of our own lives in this unprecedented time and lean in to change.

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