1079 Life is banding together with Feed the Hungry to alleviate world hunger through the ‘Every Moment’ Appeal. By: Gabriel Garcia 1079 Life has joined forces with charity group Feed the Hungry to help alleviate child hunger in some of the world’s poorest regions. As part of their annual November Appeal, 1079 Life is assisting […]

As restrictions have started to ease across the rest of the nation, our Victorian children are struggling more and more to follow the rules still in place.

The free online video series by Colin and Compassion Australia offers short talks featuring messages of encouragement, Bible readings, prayers and music.

How much is too much information for young people? And what is age appropriate? I cover both younger children and teens in this video.

When you think about it, you could understand why a modern day child might consider Jesus to be either a zombie or a superhero or both.

If you’ve got kids (and even if you don’t), you’re well aware that Christmas morning is the most hotly anticipated moment of the year.

This generation is and will be defined by technological devices like smartphones and tablets, video games, autonomous cars and smart speakers.

How to teach your kids self-awareness so they understand themselves better, and know the impact they are having on others.

We all want our kids to feel good. Ice cream. Beach days. Playdates. These are all great for bringing joy. But typically, these good feelings don’t last.

The “experts” say: kids are over-scheduled these days; life is too busy, so let them be bored. But is this really the best advice?

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