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Chris says believers have an opportunity to learn something new about worship: that it’s refined in times of trouble, and is our way through the trouble.

Instead of filling our schedule with Zooms, it may be that practising time in quiet could be our best defence against the stressors of the season.

Since last summer’s bushfires and through the COVID pandemic, the tenacious Australian spirit and our harsh landscapes have carried a new significance to many across our country.

Brothers Gary and Brad Pinto, family friends Andrew De Silva, Danny Williams and later Jude Nicholas, carved a path for R&B in Australia.

As adults, it can be tough to rekindle that childlike imagination in a way that builds relationship with your kids but isn’t too daunting.

Christmas Jars follows cadet journalist Hope Jensen, who finds a jar of money and ends up uncovering an anonymous movement of generosity.

The Matthew McConaughey you discover in his book reveals him to be an incredibly deep thinker and driven by a very specific set of values.

A new Friendship Report from Snap Inc has found many Australians feel social media has played an important role in keeping them going.

In his new book You Are Never Alone, Max opens up about his own seasons of isolation and how Christ himself confronted loneliness and seclusion.

New research is revealing 37 per cent of Australians still plan to drink when they know they will be driving.

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