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The long days of school holidays can be challenging for families. And if they’re lucky enough to have time off, children complain about how ‘bored’ they are.

When things go wrong these children look for the good, rather than dwell on the bad. And they’re much more fun in situations that aren’t always perfect.

A recent study has shown that the more the love between parents goes up, the more challenging behaviour in the child goes down.

Every child is different. Every situation is different. But by listening and taking it slow you’ll be in a better place to ease their transition.

With so many new expectations on parents through the pandemic, parenting expert Dr Justin Coulson says that it’s okay to do less.

Dr Justin Coulson shares some tips for how divorced parents can negotiate differences and make shared custody achievable during this difficult time.

These 4 things will help your new blended family better navigate the changes to family life, strength relationships and diffuse tensions.

Co-parenting at the best of times is complicated. Dr Justin Coulson gives some guidance to help co-parents navigate these challenging times.

It isn’t always quickly fixed, but we can take these steps to mend their broken hearts and broken trust. As we do, we might even find that we mend our own.

You can use your teen’s desire for independence as a weapon for good so that they can be part of the global pandemic solution, not part of the problem.

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