What are you running from? Where are you running to? This short story will have you longing for the freedom of wide open fields.

The Global Freedom Summit will address current issues relating to human trafficking and slavery and inspire people to take action in practical ways.

True freedom is the knowledge that Jesus has triumphed over sin to set us free. We each have weaknesses and when we try to tackle these on our own we fail.

The emotions and identities of genuine people are being rocked by these debates around freedom of choice, therefore we must respond wisely.

Jesus broke the rules of the religious and He strongly advocated for the value and dignity of women and children. He was the original freedom fighter.

The consequences of silencing the Christian voice are far reaching beyond just the loss of Christian freedoms, other voices will fill the void.

The result of the marriage survey, with its consequent change to the law, has opened up the question of religious freedom in Australia.

Don’t run back to false places of safety, don’t be ruled by your fears or addictions. Instead, be lead into new places of life and freedom.

“The issue is this, if you change the law about marriage, what do you do with people whose views about marriage don’t change?”

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