Chris says believers have an opportunity to learn something new about worship: that it’s refined in times of trouble, and is our way through the trouble.

No matter how pure, powerful or accurate God’s words may be, they can only be effective if they are received in faith and obedience.

Are you so busy maintaining your family, work, kids and other people’s expectations that you’ve forgotten how to just be?

The Matthew McConaughey you discover in his book reveals him to be an incredibly deep thinker and driven by a very specific set of values.

God is the great provider, for both our everyday needs, and our everyday comfort. Each day is filled with countless little decisions and the choices you make can be the difference between hope and despair.

Dr Pat’s scientifically-informed and Bible-based approach has been helping parents with some of the most common concerns and questions they face.

What has gone wrong? Why are we seeing news of yet another church leader succumbing to marital unfaithfulness? One who had so much richness in his life…

After battling a porn addiction for 6 years, this Pastor shares his thoughts on how to help Christians who are wanting to break free.

It’s not lost on Rachael Lopez that print publications aren’t millennials favoured medium, but she believes ‘Soul Tread’ meets a vital need.

In the Wall Street Journal, a well known and respected author and Psychoanalyst wrote a piece entitled ‘Don’t believe in God? Lie to your children’.

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