eliezer gonzalez

Some people say that all religions are the same. They’re not. Grace is what sets Christianity apart from all other philosophies and worldviews.

There is only one solution for a hurting heart. It’s not an easy or fast cure, but it’s a certain one.

Do you ever feel like the responsibilities are too big, the challenges are too big, and what others expect of you is too big?

It takes a lot of faith to see the troubles and setbacks of life as an opportunity for God to bless you in another way, and Jesus did it.

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December 9, 2018


I always felt sorry for the 144,001st person; you know the one who missed out and didn’t make the quota for the number of people who get saved.

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December 3, 2018


There’s different views about who Jesus was, but they can be basically boiled down to four key ideas.

If we are ever unsure whether to decide to show mercy to someone, or to judge them, it’s best to always err on the side of mercy.

It’s true that God may choose to work a miracle for you, but that’s not, at its core, what redemption is all about.

It’s the big question that has been asked for centuries by atheists and Christians alike… so is there really an answer?

The less you feel like talking with God, the more you need to. The things that make you not want to pray, are the very reasons why you need to the most.

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