“When you have a premature birth, it’s usually quite sudden and unexpected. [It’s] tough for a lot of families” Kylie shares how she found hope through it.

Aussie pop singer Kate Miller-Heidke had her global Eurovision audience spellbound, singing about the joys of emerging from postnatal depression.

Despite its prevalence, for people of faith who suffer from anxiety, there may also be an added layer of guilt, shame, confusion, or denial.

The pressure to provide, to achieve and to make their mark on the world, can energise and stir hope in the younger man, but what about the older?

How do you explain how a man who is brilliant, talented and gifted finds himself at a place that death feels like the only and reasonable option?

At one of the most joyous times of her life, five time world record holder Libby Trickett experienced significant depression.

What do you do when you suspect someone you know may be struggling with suicidal thoughts? Well, that’s what they’ll will be discussing with chaplain, Mark Bateman.

Lauralee Berrill’s twin girls tragically died shortly after being born prematurely in 1998. She was left grieving and suicidal, yet hoping there was more. Lauralee shares her journey of healing from depression, suicidal thoughts and a low self-image. That’s Lauralee Berrill author of the book: Beautiful Courageous You.

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