Research is clear. Dad matters. The more a dad is present and involved in his children’s lives in a positive way, the better the outcomes for everyone. 

The article says Aussie dads are starting to realise that sitting on the couch slobbing out on the weekends is a thing of the past. 

As a result of his wartime experiences, Dad had a thing about speed, machines and death. And he over-compensated in a lovely kind of way.

How To Dad’s Jordan Watson has nailed the majority of our fathers’ joke-telling styles, in his video, How to Tell Jokes Like a Dad.

Father’s Day can be a difficult day of the year for some of us. We get it. Some of our dads are sick, some are lost to us.

If these were the only two goals I had in my life, and I achieved them, I will have succeeded.

Dads teach us more than we often realise. From daggy Dad dancing to helping us raise our own little humans, and all the moments in between. There is no one quite like Dad – he is simply awesome!

Author: Movies Change People Dads – got to love them! And with Father’s Day coming up, the team from Movies Change People are highlighting some of their favourite “movie dads”. These dads have had us in stitches, made us cry, and taught us some valuable lessons about fatherhood.

Babies are extraordinary little humans. Their ability to recognise their parents from very early on is a unique phenomenon. When they see a parent after some time apart the connection is unmistakable.  This beautiful bond is clearly evident in this series of videos.

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