Earlier this year an event occurred in an Australian school that caused both national headlines and outrage. A Victorian school organized a diversity session in which the social worker guiding the session asked all the boys who identified as white and Christian to stand up. She then labelled them oppressors. This is preposterous and parents […]

Seattle-based artist, poet and activist Natasha Marin explores what parity would look like in her new audiobook of poems and essays.

Baptist Care SA is launching its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) with the aim to foster better relations with the Indigenous Community and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The 13 page document is the culmination of extensive consultation and planning and follows in the long Baptist Care SA tradition of being active participants […]

The “Single Minded” online series is seeking to create positive, biblical conversations about sex, starting with “Rethinking Biblical Sexuality”.

I’m writing to make you aware of what your female family members and friends are up against. And how you should respond, especially as males.

It can no longer be about looking good. Cultivation of character is about being good. What if we expected more of ourselves, our kids and the teams we lead?

Georgia is located at the juncture of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and is known for its mountainous landscapes and fresh, flavourful produce.

Beware the twin fallacies of omniscience and omnicompetence that lead us to believe we’re competent to judge and speak.

In 2021, Australians will look for ways to maintain a slower pace of life, greater work/life integration, time savings and a focus on their wellbeing.

A Macquarie Dictionary senior editor said the Word of the Year competition is the one time of year where the public can have their input.

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