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On Monday The Roadies had the privilege and the pleasure of presenting the Heart for Adelaide Award to Puddle Jumpers Incorporated. A not for profit charity that provide services to hundreds of vulnerable children and their families. This wonderful group run with 100% volunteers providing camps, activities & mentoring. The team also help people doing it […]

Looking for a new place to eat? Then why not try Experience Cafe’? It has a big heart behind it, and serves the community in a big way. Ruthmary Bond, CitySoul Minister noticed that young students, and new migrants had a hard time finding work, because they had no experience. As they say, you need experience […]

Welcome to the era of smart street furniture that tells council the bin needs emptying or the park seat needs a clean. Soon you could be charging your device on a smart pole.

1079 Life is a community station, which means we need community support. Every June we spend some time reflecting on the good things we’ve all achieved together and are working towards. It’s also the time we ask you to help us out financially and that means things get pretty hectic in the station. So we’re […]

On May 26, the Girl Guides celebrated National Biscuit Day. For their 60th year, they sold traditional vanilla, choc chip, and gluten free biscuits.   On the Monday before, the Roadies partnered with the Flagstaff Hill Girl Guides to help promote National Biscuit Day. Together, they headed up to Aberfoyle Park to sell biscuits, and […]

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