Part of the job of a Christian SRE teacher is helping kids find their own answers to life’s questions based on what the bible’s response would be.

Yesterday was Miracles Day. In Dien Bien, Vietnam, many people were given the Miracle gift of sight-saving surgery. It was a day filled with joy, and lives were changed thanks to you. Now, people who couldn’t work because of their bad sight, are able to provide for their family. And children who were struggling to […]

If you hadn’t heard about the Roger Federer Foundation until now, it’s probably because the star doesn’t like to trumpet his charity work too loudly.

Your school Pastoral Care Workers aren’t going anywhere. The Federal Government has just announced the School Ministry Group’s funding will continue. This means that Pastoral Care Workers can continue to remain in schools, and support students, families and the staff. This is great news, because the school chaplaincy program has brought so much support to […]

Depending on which research you read, about 70-80% of Aussie parents admit to smacking their kids. Some do so quite proudly. Are those who champion smacking onto something or is it doing more harm than good?

To make the world a better place, I just have to be a better dad. My greatest investment is the one I make into my children.

On March 29 we partnered with Feed the Hungry, for Take Away Hunger Day. We were overwhelmed by your generosity and kindness across the day, and in the week following. Your support has made a huge impact in the lives of refugee children in Uganda. The goal for the day was to feed 5000 children, […]

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke it served as a good reminder that our world is struggling with a culture of disrespect and disregard towards women.

Shauna Gallagher, a mental health nurse from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, shares some tips about how to help children to deal with anxiety.

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