Akos Balogh

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It’s affecting young and old, rich and poor, educated and uneducated. What is this silent epidemic? Loneliness.

Many (white) Christians staunchly defended the rights of Indigenous people in our historic past: no small surprise to some modern secular readers. But the answer to why might be the most surprising.

Many Christians feel we’re losing the ‘culture war’. From SSM to euthanasia, the traditional Christian perspective has lost ground in much of mainstream society. We’re a minority.

This book review of The Frog and The Fish, written for late high schoolers, helps them explore the issues teenagers have always had to deal with: sex, happiness, identity and most recently, technology.

This mild mannered intellectual catapulted to online (and now offline) fame over the last 18 months. His youtube channel is approaching 1 million subscribers, and his new book ’12 Rules for Life – an Antidote to Chaos’ is a bestselling book on amazon.com

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