Akos Balogh

After my panic attack on that small aircraft, part of me didn’t ever want to fly again. This is what I learnt on the journey of responding well to anxiety.

Part of me wishes I didn’t have to write this letter. I wish we lived in a world where all men treated all women with dignity and respect, at all times.

A book focusing on the experience of persecuted Christians can help Western Christians prepare for a future in which religious freedom is severely eroded.

I’m writing to make you aware of what your female family members and friends are up against. And how you should respond, especially as males.

For the current generation of teenagers, digital tech is as much a part of their lives as pimples and puberty, and it comes with pros and cons.

How did millions of cultured, otherwise decent Germans – and others – stoop to such wickedness? How did they perpetrate the holocaust?

Staff and Students from University Christian groups across Australia joined together in a virtual choir to sing the uplifting song, ‘Behold Our God’.

In the Wall Street Journal, a well known and respected author and Psychoanalyst wrote a piece entitled ‘Don’t believe in God? Lie to your children’.

Presented are two different arguments for how some Christians could well vote for Trump in good conscience, while others couldn’t.

Dave Rubin says that Jordan Peterson convinced him that societies run better when they operate under a belief system that stems from biblical truths.

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