Strawberry Fields Forever

Written by on September 17, 2019

The Salvation Army has for the very first time opened up the Strawberry Field visitor centre to the public in Liverpool, England.

As well as giving Beatles fans the very first chance to see first-hand the iconic place that inspired John Lennon to write Strawberry Fields Forever, the Salvation Army will provide creative ways to give every person who visits the centre the opportunity to explore the Christian faith.

Strawberry Fields Forever

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The name of the home became world-famous in 1967 with the release of The Beatles single “Strawberry Fields Forever” written by John Lennon.

Lennon grew up near the home: one of his childhood treats was the garden party that took place each summer, on the grounds of Strawberry Field. Lennon’s Aunt Mimi recalled: ‘As soon as we could hear the Salvation Army Band starting, John would jump up and down shouting “Mimi, come on. We’re going to be late.” ‘

Lennon would often scale the walls of Strawberry Field to play with the children in the Salvation Army home. The proprietors complained to his school about his antics but to no avail.

Finally, they took him to his Aunt Mimi with whom John was living. She told him if he continued to do this, they would hang him. He continued anyway. Thus, the line in the song, “Nothing to get hung about, Strawberry Fields forever”.

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