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It makes me happy when I see people coming together, doing what they love, supporting each other. Human beings are God’s masterpiece.

Don’t miss the incredible Rend Collective – touring Australia for the very first time this coming February for their Revival Anthem Tour. Rend Collective Thursday 13 February 2020 Rostrevor Baptist Church 288 Montacute Rd, Rostrevor Happy Birthday Patrick Rend Collective guitarist Patrick Thompson turns 30 on the day of the Adelaide show! Make sure you […]

Recently NASA released some fascinating facts about its Voyager 2 spacecraft. Late last year it left our solar system and now drifts in interstellar space.

Australian shoppers are embracing ‘conscious consumerism’ by buying locally made, sustainable and vegan-friendly products in the lead up to Christmas. The same shift in attitude that has led to a backlash against fast fashion, has flowed on to other retail areas as consumers increasingly look for high-quality and ecologically produced furniture, homewares and gifts. The […]

You just don’t know what sort of day that mother and kids have had. So, it’s best not to judge based only on what you see.

Have you heard of Panda parenting? It’s kind of different to Tiger Parenting. It’s a bit more like Lawnmower or Snow Plough parenting.

In last week’s blog, I spoke about not letting the log or the hard time you are in spoil the view around you. We can tend to be so fixated on what is right in front of us that we forget to look at the bigger picture. You can read more about that here. This week […]

Trixie lives with her young children half hour out of small town in rural Victoria, where her family has been for 5 generations. She’d always dreamed of creating a home of her own there, but a series of events – losing sub contracted government job due to pregnancy, the medical expenses of having a premature baby, large […]

ACCTV are running their annual poll, where you get to decide what movies they will show in their Top 3 Countdown airing the first week of the New Year.

I get that I’m a human who’s imperfect, but it’s so tempting when my mistakes confront me to see myself as a person who just always falls short.

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