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When we’re seeing people through God’s love and hope-filled eyes, people are no longer an inconvenience, but walking miracles.

Here are 10 ways you can care for your mental health to help you stay grounded and resilient during this turbulent time of unpredictability.

Looking for the perfect plant for your home or workspace? Check out this list featuring 11 of the best indoor plants from a self-confessed crazy plant lady!

By figuring out what your spouse’s love language is, you can start focusing more on the tasks they appreciate and less on the things they don’t.

If you’re stuck when it comes to having a dream for your life, these questions may help you unearth a new dream or aspiration.

“It’s so necessary in this day and age to spread love and to spread positivity and spread the message of Jesus,” Hailey Bieber says.

Aiden was joined by Us Pastor Leonce B Crump Jr, live from Atlanta, USA. The two discussed the lead up to George Floyd’s murder, police brutality, his personal experience of racism and his advice for Australians. If you are unsure if the images we are seeing in the news are completely accurate, listen to this […]

Bob Goff says we can still love well in the midst of our struggle, and that new ‘life dreams and ambitions’ may be birthed in this season.

“I do believe there can be restoration… if we can see power in our difference, we can begin that pattern that will bring healing to generations.”

1079 Life sponsors have been doing it tough during lockdown 1079 Life has been assisting sponsors such as Christian life coach Leah O’Rourke with complimentary sponsor spots, as well as over thirty other local small businesses. We have also enjoyed partnering with local churches to bring you Church at Home. This is a free digital […]

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