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Updated 4 weeks ago.

No need to be a Grinch this Christmas!   Thanks to Universal Pictures, we’re giving you the chance to win a Grinch prize pack including a family pass to the new movie The Grinch in cinemas November 29.   All you need to do is send us a photo of you with your best ‘Resting […]

Some people say that all religions are the same. They’re not. Grace is what sets Christianity apart from all other philosophies and worldviews.

For a culture where sex is so prevalent, we really don’t talk about it the way we should, creating a lot of misconceptions.

Over 18 and AMEB Grade 5 or better? Come & Play! Come & Play is an afternoon where musicians from around Adelaide who are 18+ years old, and playing at an AMEB Grade 5+ level are invited to be a part of the ASO for an afternoon. They sit side-by-side with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra musicians […]

Introducing our new Fringe Correspondent: Nicole Richardson! You can expect a whole range of reviews of the next few weeks. Have you seen a show and want to let everyone know how good it was? Send ’em through to Presented by Flash in the Can. Held at the National Wine Centre. The show starts […]

I decided that I would stay off Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a month and it was glorious.

I first met Malcolm Duncan a few years ago at a conference we were both speaking at. His confidence on stage was astounding given his background.

How many close friends do you have who AREN’T Christians? It’s hard to “go into all the world” if we’re only hanging out with our friends from church.

I have friends who still describe me as ‘religious’, and honestly? I find it a teensy bit offensive.

In Adelaide, more than 400 people surrendered their lives to Christ last night at the Graham Tour event in Titanium Arena “You can have a new life, a new beginning,” Franklin Graham explained, referring to accepting Christ as Saviour. He taught from John 3 in the Scriptures, where Jesus told Nicodemus what it means to […]

Here’s YOUR chance to win 4 day Grandstand Tickets to the Superloop Adelaide 500. Aiden will be asking for listeners to call through on 84445433 each afternoon with the challenge of counting to 500 within the time of the next song on air. If you can count to 500 over the phone before the song […]

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