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Work Phone: 13 72 58 Website: http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/Welcome/
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Home 1002 Grand Jct Rd, Holden Hill SA 5088 Home Phone: 8369 3055 Website: https://www.selfstore.com.au/
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Home 622 Marion Rd, Park Holme SA 5043 Home Phone: 8277 9747 Website: https://www.smilesareusparkholme.com.au/
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Home 108 Rundle St, Kent Town SA 5067 Home Phone: 1800 251 385 Website: http://solresults.com/
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Home Pasadena Green Shopping Centre 20 Fiveash Dr, Pasadena SA 5042 Home Phone: 8374 2022 Website: https://southlandchurch.com.au/
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Home 138 Sherriffs Rd, Morphett Vale SA 5162 Home Phone: 8382 3877 Website: https://staffordsflooring.com.au/
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Home 28 Darley Rd Paradise SA 5075 Home Phone: 8165 0231 Website: http://www.steadfastproperty.com.au/
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Home Phone: 1800 733 418 Website: https://www.nuskope.com.au/
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This week we are looking at Temple Christian College. Temple Christian College is a Year 7 to 12 school, and has been providing quality education since 1983. They are passionate about their students, and go above and beyond the call of duty. At Temple Christian College, they don’t just teach the required curriculum, they also […]

This delicious one pot Mexican dish is a hearty and healthy meal the whole family will enjoy!

I do believe it is possible to grow in faith while still married to an unbeliever…, and here’s how.

We must be careful not to blame social media for terrorism. But it’s increasingly hard to deny that it plays a role in helping radicalise terrorists.

When you read through Jesus’ teachings you’ll find great wit, a profound gift for irony and wordplays and impeccable timing.

As parents it may be tempting to want to find a solution and develop a plan to help our child get over it, but it’s not our job to ‘fix it’ for our kids.

Strong, influential voices are standing up and speaking about their brokenness. Have the tables finally turned on the demands of perfectionism for women?

When Queenslander Tim Buxton and his wife felt called by God to the Middle East to work with people in need, they had no idea what was about to erupt.

James Morrison: The Great American Songbook James Morrison – Trumpet, Trombone, Piano William Morrison – Guitar Harry Morrison – Bass Patrick Danao – Drums Guy Noble – Conductor Adelaide Festival Theatre 20 March, 2019 It is always a pleasure to dine at a good restaurant, with an expert sommelier presenting fine wines for the guests’ […]

As the first Marvel movie to have a stand-alone female lead and female co-writer and director, Captain Marvel enjoys some good bouts of girl power.

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