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Home 52 Oxford Terrace Unley 5061 Home Phone: 8272 1655 Website: http://www.saintspyridon.sa.edu.au/
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Work Phone: 13 72 58 Website: http://www.salvationarmy.org.au/Welcome/
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Home 1002 Grand Jct Rd, Holden Hill SA 5088 Home Phone: 8369 3055 Website: https://www.selfstore.com.au/
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Home 60 Crittenden Road Findon SA 5023 Website: https://www.slatters.com.au/
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Home 622 Marion Rd, Park Holme SA 5043 Home Phone: 8277 9747 Website: https://www.smilesareusparkholme.com.au/
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Home 57 Milner Road Richmond SA 5033 Home Phone: (08) 7230 5810 Website: https://snookersa.com.au/
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Home 108 Rundle St, Kent Town SA 5067 Home Phone: 1800 251 385 Website: http://solresults.com/
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Home Pasadena Green Shopping Centre 20 Fiveash Dr, Pasadena SA 5042 Home Phone: 8374 2022 Website: https://southlandchurch.com.au/
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Home 202 Franklin Street Adelaide 5000 Home Phone: 8112 8700 Website: https://www.vinnies.org.au/page/About/St_Vincent_de_Paul_Society/
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Home 138 Sherriffs Rd, Morphett Vale SA 5162 Home Phone: 8382 3877 Website: https://staffordsflooring.com.au/
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Home 28 Darley Rd Paradise SA 5075 Home Phone: 8165 0231 Website: http://www.steadfastproperty.com.au/
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Home 432 Churchill Road Kilburn SA 5084 Home Phone: 131 008 – Book online Download our app Website: https://www.suburbantaxis.com.au/
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Home Phone: 1800 733 418 Website: https://www.nuskope.com.au/
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We can be a funny bunch – when it comes to politics we’re often more interested in the quality of our democracy sausage than the quality of our democracy.

Australia is growing in religious diversity. In 1966 almost nine in ten Australians identified as Christian. This compares to 52.1% today.

Prayer is the breath, the watchword, the comfort, the strength, the honour of a Christian. Seek your Father’s face and live in your Father’s love.

Now, 19 years later, Laura’s back in Pearl Bay to see her daughter, and Seachange has made a surprise return on the Nine Network.

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team offered emotional and spiritual care in the aftermath of the deadly El Paso shooting.

At a personal level, Taylor Swift calls out Scooter for “incessant, manipulative bullying” against her. This is a feud that has gone on for a long time.

I am writing this blog to myself because this is an area I am struggling with at the moment. I am spending time seeking wisdom from people I trust, encouragement from those who believe in me, and praying about the huge dreams that I can’t possibly imagine doing. Do you have a huge dream in […]

Lashing out in anger is something that can easily turn into a habit for our children. Anger is usually based on a strong sense of fear or sadness.

His father wanted him to become a surgeon but, inspired by the wildly popular adventure story Robinson Crusoe, he opted to go to sea.

These muesli bars have a hint of a sweet and salty flavour and a drizzle of dark chocolate on top. The perfect easy to make healthy snack for on the go!

Every time I read this scripture I feel I am missing something. How do I get this rest you speak of? How do I get away with God and recover my life?

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