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Home 7 Lynton Ave South Plympton SA 5038 Home Phone: 8292 3888 Website: https://emmauscc.sa.edu.au/
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Home 25 Northside Ct Evanston Gardens SA 5116 Home Phone: 8522 0000 Website: https://www.encounterchurch.com.au/
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Home 46 Port Road Hindmarsh SA 5007 Home Phone: 8346 2786 Website: https://www.enzosristorante.com.au/
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Home 917 South Rd Clarence Gardens SA 5039 Home Phone: 1300 239 296 Website: https://esena.com.au/
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Home 6/8 Walter St North Adelaide SA 5006 Home Phone: 8267 1200 Website: https://www.evedrycleanersadelaide.com.au/
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The 2020 AFL season is back! Before the first bounce, get yourself into the action! Whether seasoned professional or first time funmaker, everyone is welcome to join in with the 1079 Life Tipping Competition. Each week you will have the chance to win a double pass to the movies thanks to the great people at […]

We can be a funny bunch – when it comes to politics we’re often more interested in the quality of our democracy sausage than the quality of our democracy.

As a child I suffered emotional abuse and abandonment, told repeatedly that I was stupid and that I would never amount to anything.

Trying to find a recipe that doesn’t serve four? Here are 20 amazing recipes for brekky, lunch, dinner and dessert when you’re cooking for one.

Much has been made of the name Karen in memes and social media recently, yet the Australian births data paints a very different picture.

Even if it hurts, open your hand. Whatever that means for you. It’s time to let go of the pain and allow God to mend every part of your broken heart.

Recently Scotty from Adelaide’s Good Taste breakfast sat down with Brett and Kate Ryan from Focus On The Family to talk about the Real Life: Real Love conference. Brett and Kate were planning to travel to all the nation’s capital cities to host nine marriage conferences and four marriage retreats. Both Brett and Kate are […]

“The Kindness Project” – an interview with Heritage Films CEO, Rod Hopper. – Interview by Scotty– Written Edited by David McManus Jr Saint Judy is the latest project from faith-based company Heritage Films International, releasing on August 20. The film centres on the inspirational immigration attorney Judy Wood and her fight for compassionate reform in […]

Soft, fluffy and absolutely delicious! You’ll fall in love with these paleo-version pumpkin scones best served warm.

I had prepared for this job interview, prayed for the right answers, and proven my determination to give the job my all.

Ineffective, outdated and outmoded traditions just because “it’s the way we do things around here” might be sapping your momentum and growth.

Dr Bartlett’s story first came to light on a Texan TV news channel, and is now making waves around the world via an interview going viral on social media.

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