Sonic The Hedgehog – Review

Written by on March 2, 2020

Sonic the hedgehog is a fun & enjoyable ride that is both great for kids and universally enjoyable for adults.

Having been driven from his home on another planet; Sonic is the story of super powered Hedgehog who is hiding in an rural American town where he has been observing the townsfolk for many years. That is until an accident causes the government to become aware of the strange speedster and send in a specialist to investigate by the name of Dr Roboptnic (Jim Carrey). With the help of local police officer Tom Wachowski (James Marsden), The film is a race across America , as Sonic tries to escape the clutches of the evil Dr; while ticking some earthly activities off his bucket list.

On one hand you can argue that this film is a video game film adaptation but on the other hand you can also argue that this film is an animated family film with little to no video game adaptation DNA. This is primarily due to the way this film has adapted Sonic; it really feel as ifthe source material for this film could have been anything from a comic-book to a Kids toy. The film makers have really done a wonderful job making this film accessible to everyone while inventively inserting elements for the characters’ video game origins.

Ben Schwartz does an excellent job at bringing Sonic the hedgehog’s personality to life, being able to really to capture the energetic charm and cheeky side of the character while simultaneously not going overboard with it. Sonic’s side character, Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) is always what makes this film so watchable as Marsden brings a down to earth charm to the role, avoiding the potentially overly enthusiastic or goofy human characters’ that this films often have, a pitfall that Tom’s wife, Maddie Machowsk (Tika Sumpter) falls straight into.

A stand out performance of the film is that of Dr Robotnick (Jim Carrey), who plays an excellent foil to Sonic’s super speed shenanigans’. Carrey brings a ton of energy to the role, playing an overly eccentric villain who possesses a menacing intelligence but also an unstable a classically Jim Cary loopyness that makes him unpredictable and amusing.

The film has a simple premise that while generic is incredibly fun in its execution. A lot is this is due to the great cast of the film who are both talented and do their best to really sell their roles. Sonic is a fun film that families, adults or couples can all go and see and easily enjoy.
I’d give Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Gold Rings out of 5

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