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Written by on October 16, 2019

This week I came across a post that talked about how the internet is 100 versions of ‘strive for greatness’ and ‘crush all the things’, and ‘hit your goals’ and ‘905900 ways to reach your peak before breakfast’. The last line from it was that some days, it’s actually ok to just be a human in a quiet and honest way and that’s good too. It resonated deeply with me and this week I have thought about it on a number of occasions.

I am an achiever who likes to achieve all the things. I have been guilty in the past of feeling like I am not worthy if I am not hitting some goal or ticking 100 jobs off my to-do list. Generally I am task-oriented, and as a result, when I am not doing something, I don’t feel like I am earning my place. I am always trying to find new ways to be “successful”. It isn’t a very healthy way to live when it isn’t balanced. My tendency is to either burn myself out or become a workaholic.

Make Time For Rest

The past few years have been a real journey for me in working out how to navigate being driven but also allowing rest. I struggle a lot with being ok with just being human in a quiet and honest way. Life seems to get more and more fast-paced, it does not slow down. I need to be intentional about taking time for myself.

I need to be intentional about going out to do the things that allow me just to be. Things like photography, reading, writing. These things don’t require any ticking off of lists or striving for greatness; they bring peace. I can feel my soul rest when I make time for them. It’s funny that even in the busiest of weeks if I schedule a time for one of these activities, it doesn’t feel like another thing or obligation. It feels like a breath of fresh air in my week.

The In Between Season

I have been in a bit of an odd season for the last few months. It has almost felt like an in-between season; you know when it is almost the end of winter and spring is coming. The weather is half cold, half warm; the trees are half bare, half green. My life has felt a little like that; we moved house. I finished my studies; my daughter is finishing year twelve. We have some seasons ending but not necessarily clear direction on where to go from here. It has been challenging to maintain motivation and drive when I feel a bit unsure where I am going. Those are the days that I am learning to be ok with just being human in a quiet and honest way.

Some days other people don’t need me to be all task-oriented and driven and in their faces with what I am achieving. Some days, the people around me need me to be taking a bit of time out of my to do list and tasks to notice what is going on with them. You know, the more I think about that phrase, human in a quiet and honest way, the more I think maybe that is what I should be striving for every day.

Lorrene McClymont is an Author and Photographer based in South Australia. She writes faith based blogs under the Essential Hope Banner. All images can be purchased through the Hope Images website

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