Not always Happy Father’s Day

Written by on August 27, 2019

Father’s Day can be a difficult day of the year for some of us.

So this is just a shout-out from us to say, we get it. Some of our dads are sick, some are lost to us. Some are broken people, some require us to endlessly plumb forgiveness. Some will never know how we truly feel, and some were never able to express their own hearts honestly.

If Sunday is going to be painful for you, then feel free to take a moment and breathe. You’re not alone.

What we love about film is moments like this one. For us, this perfectly sums up that longing we all have deep in our hearts, for a great relationship with our dad (or as dad to our kids). It’s that mirror-image longing for relationship with The Big Dad—the one we were made for. So, enjoy.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY from your friends at 1079 Life and

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