AnglicareSA CEO: Homelessness is a crisis

Written by on July 31, 2019

In this exclusive interview with Scotty on 1079 Life, AnglicareSA CEO Peter Sandeman outlines the crisis we are experiencing with homelessness in Adelaide, and how AnglicareSA is helping

According to AnglicareSA, who offer vital services to people at risk across the state, research shows one of the main causes is a lack of suitable, affordable housing. Just 3% of rental accommodation is affordable to families on low incomes or income support.

The number of homeless includes, but isn’t limited to, rough sleepers, couch surfers, those using emergency hostels/accommodation, or sleeping in cars.

A recent study into rough sleepers determined that there are 227 rough sleepers on our Adelaide streets each night, up from 143 last year.

Many families are living pay check to pay check and one illness or accident can be the difference between having a home or not. It’s easy to take for granted:

· the warm bed we crawl into each night

· The heater we crank up when the temperature plummets

· The warm blankets and clothing we layer up when heading out to brave the weather

· Staying dry and warm when its pouring outside

· The security we have in our jobs and regular income and therefore ability to stay safe

AnglicareSA says they are helping those who miss out on one or more of the above by providing affordable housing for over 4,000 tenants across the state.

Currently one AnglicareSA program, Turning Point, has eight properties that are available to help families who find themselves homeless. More than 75% of Turning Point families have gone on to access permanent housing.

AnglicareSA would love to increase the amount of properties they have to support many more families.

AnglicareSA is co-hosting the Adelaide City Plunge in October 2019

Take the plunge and fight homelessness

AnglicareSA is co-hosting the Adelaide City Plunge in October 2019.

Presented by Zenith Events, this is the ultimate charity challenge.

AnglicareSA invites 100 participants to abseil down 132 meters of the Westpac building on the 19th October, to raise money in support of those in our community who are facing much larger challenges every day.

Funds raised from this event will allow AnglicareSA homelessness programs to secure more affordable accommodation for those at risk.

The event hopes to raise up to $80,000, this will go a long way to supporting those who really need a hand out of awful situation.

Find out more (and why not register yourself?) about the Adelaide City Plunge

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