Mental Health Week: lighting the Park blue

Written by on October 9, 2020

Centennial Park to Light the Park Blue to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

Saturday 10th of October marks the beginning of Mental Health Week. This is a week where ordinary people, organizations’ & groups from all across Australia all take time to acknowledge and improve the awareness of mental health and wellbeing in our communities. To help out this year Centennial Park is trying something a little different.

This year, the park will be illuminating its parkland’s in a cool blue light. The park hopes that this will help support and raise awareness for those confronted with mental health challenges as blue is often associated with depression.

This World Mental Health Week “Look after your mental health, Australia” |  Life Without Barriers

However, blue is also associated with creativity, clam, the sky and the sea and is often considered the colour of bravery. As such, Centennial Park thought this was a prime colour to illuminate the grounds in during this coming week.

The perimeter of the parklands which covers 40 hectares will become a hue of blue light at dusk through till late in the evening. It is in recognition to all those who are affected by mental illness and for those who have lost love ones to it.


Today over 3 million Australian’s live with anxiety or depression and the pressures surrounding the corona-virus pandemic have only served to exacerbate the issue. The goal of this lighting display will be to help raise awareness and encourage open discussions about mental health

Mental health awareness is more than ever top of people’s minds, as a community organization, want to recognise this and show support to those who are suffering.

– Janet Miller, (CEO Centennial Park Cemetery)

Sometimes all it takes is a single discussion or an extension of friendship to help those in need. The perimeter of Centennial Park will be lit blue from Saturday 10 to Friday 17 October. For more information about Mental Health week 2020 you can check the SA website right here.

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