Making Space: Rediscovering Rest in the Unrelenting Digital Age

By: Stephen McAlpine

How do we make space, to rest and be still, in this constantly “on” age? Is it even possible any longer? Are we so attached to our technology that we have lost the ability to tune out and turn off? And if it is impossible, what are the implications for us relationally and spiritually?

I had a fascinating conversation with a truly creative thinker, Daniel Sih, who works in this er, space, in the business world. Daniel lives in Tasmania, where he’s also a church pastor. He’s no Luddite. Daniel’s life is lived in the digital space. But he believes that unless we start to discipline ourselves into forming “digital sabbaths”, we will risk our mental, spiritual and relational health. Oh, and he also believes the lack of space is killing our productivity and creativity.His latest book, SpaceMaker: How to Unplug, Unwind and Think Clearly in the Digital Age has just won the Australian Business Book of the Year 2021 (Personal Development) and a finalist for Best Technology Book and Best Cover Design. In other words, he’s not just selling in Koorong! Daniel has a spiritual wisdom that the world is seeking.

spacemaker book cover

If you do have the space, then watch this 15 minute conversation I had with Daniel. It’s super helpful.

Watch: Space Making in a Crowded Age

space making in a crowded age

Article supplied with thanks to Stephen McAlpine

About the Author: Stephen has been reading, writing and reflecting ever since he can remember. He is the lead pastor of Providence Church Midland, and in his writing dabbles in a number of fields, notably theology and culture. Stephen and his family live in Perth’s eastern suburbs, where his wife Jill runs a clinical psychology practice.

Feature image: Photo by Ales Maze on Unsplash

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