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Written by on October 28, 2019

Are you a member of a local library in Australia? You could be watching movies online for free

Beamafilm is streaming movies and more, free to members of Australian libraries. We asked them all about the service.

Tell us about Beamafilm

Beamafilm is an Australian movie streaming company. We’ve been around since 2012 and we focus on delivering an amazing curated collection of indie films and documentaries, championing indie and Aussie voices!

What sort of content do you stream?

Beamafilm has movies and documentaries on every subject you can think of! We’re proud that 1/3 of our catalogue is Australian content, and it’s going to stay that way! We really believe in the importance of supporting the local industry and local artists.

Who can access Beamafilm and how?

Anyone can access Beamafilm! If you’re a member of a participating public or educational library, all you have to do is sign up using your library membership to watch as many of our films as you want, for free.

If your library doesn’t have a subscription, that’s okay. You can subscribe to our Subscriber Collection for just $5.99 a month – the first month is free! Or you can just rent a single film for 48 hours.

How is Beamafilm funded if users don’t have to pay? Do filmmakers receive royalties?

Libraries pay for a subscription on behalf of their users, as they would for any other resource. That way you can watch for free, but we can still pass money on to the filmmakers for every view generated by library members.

Do you have new features coming up?

Our latest feature is our Resources page, where we’ve curated educational resources for many of our films, including links to interviews and study guides, and worksheets we’ve created! It’s a great resource for schools and universities and it’s completely free to access.

Cover image from Storm Boy, used by permission. Find out more about Beamafilm

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