Life Partners

What is a Life Partner?

Life Partners are people who decide up-front on an annual amount they wish to donate to 1079 Life, and then spread out their gift, usually over monthly instalments. Their donation is made via a nominated credit card or by direct credit.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Have to Give Monthly or Can I Give More or Less Often?

Whilst most 1079 Life Partners choose to give monthly, some also give fortnightly, quarterly, half yearly and even annually. You can arrange whatever amount and frequency of giving best suits your circumstances.

Are Life Partner Donations Tax Deductible?

Yes. All donations to 1079 Life are fully tax deductible, including Life Partners.

How and When Do I Receive my Donation Tax Receipt?

Life Partners receive written confirmation when their pledge is set up. In early July each year, all Life Partners receive a receipt with a total of their donations for the financial year. The receipt is sent to the preferred email or postal address. If a receipt is lost, it can be re-sent.

What If My Circumstances Change?

Life Partners make a pledge only. If circumstances change, the donation amount can be adjusted, suspended for a period of time, or stopped altogether. As always, giving to 1079 Life is an invitation and never an obligation.

What are the Donations Used For?

As with all donations to 1079 Life, funds are used exclusively to support the operations of the radio station. This enables 1079 Life to continue to share love and life with Adelaide and beyond, 24 hours day, every day of the year.

Why are Life Partners So Important for 1079 Life?

Like any organisation, 1079 Life has regular bills it needs to pay. Having Life Partners pledge their commitment in advance, and pay that pledge in regular instalments, helps with 1079 Life’s cash-flow and ensures the station can better plan for the future.

How Are Life Partners Acknowledged?

All Life Partners are acknowledged in writing when first signed up, and automatically receive 1079 Life’s regular communications, including newsletters, emails and annual tax receipt.

From time to time 1079 Life announcers will thank Life Partners on air using only their first name and suburb (if they are comfortable to be acknowledged in this way). We won’t mention how much is pledged, because the amount people are able to give is different. 1079 Life celebrates every gift, no matter how big or small.

1079 Life invites you to join us as a Life Partner to help share love and life with Adelaide.