Kelsey De Almeida: I’m Very Different People (Work In Progress) Review

Written by on March 14, 2020

This past week, English comedian Kelsey De Almeida took to the stage and performed a limited run of 3 stand up shows. You may remember Kelsey from his appearance on The Takeover where he discussed his faith, growing up and how he tackles being a little bit different and how that has affected his comedic style.

We also covered Kelsey in a preview article which you can find here, where you can read about the young comedians achievements and exiting upcoming events. However, I can hear you asking for me to stop telling you about our coverage of him and tell you whether the show was any good!? Well I’ve got some good news for you!

Kelsey De Almeida: I’m very different People (Work in Progress) is a great show!
Kelsey’s comedic timing is very slick and well executed and his jokes are delivered in a manner which kept the audience laughing throughout his show’s 50 min run time. Kelsey’s material covers a range of subjects, from family to relationships and even pets but you will be pleased to hear that Kelsey also dedicates a large part of his show to his life as a Christian.

Despite Kelsey’s show being a work in progress – as he is quick to point out – his jokes regularly land and was easily able to build a rapport with the audience during his show. Even in moments where the audience engaged in ways which were clearly unscripted; Kelsey’s silver tongue was able to amusingly steer the show in the direction he needed.

The young Brit was also able to delve a great deal into his experiences as a Christian in a comedic and understandable way, using the comedic platform to spread and expose those who may not be familiar with Christianity. While his limited run here in SA has concluded, Kelsey will be  premiere at the Edinburgh Festival later this year.

You can listen to Kelsey’s interview on The Takeover bellow

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