It’s A Different Kind Of Normal

Written by on April 15, 2020

If you are anything like my family you have just come through a fairly relaxed Easter. We hung out, we walked the puppy, we ate too much chocolate, we got a little bit of housework done. We even got to watch a couple of movies together as a family which was cool and doesn’t happen as much when you have older kids.

The Truman Show?

It’s starting to feel a bit like some weird movie. It’s like any moment the director will yell cut and life will return to normal. Anyone remember the Truman Show? or am I really showing my age now?

I think my brain has finally managed to catch up with the fact that this is not a movie. The director is not going to come running across with his little clapboard thing yelling cut. We don’t get to return to our normal lives – at least not right now.

I am a pretty practical person. I process the event and then I work out what needs to happen to move forward. I come up with an action plan to make things work in the best way possible. I am also a more introverted person so at the beginning of all of this, I didn’t really expect to feel it the way I have.

As the social distancing and restrictions continue on, I am noticing a real grief at things that are not the way they were. I loved online Easter Church, but I was really sad to not be celebrating Easter in person with my church family. I miss being able to ask a friend to a cafe for a coffee. I have a friend who has had some amazing news and even though I’m not a hugger and actually neither is she, I’m so sad that I can’t just give her a huge hug. My sister is pregnant and in another state and it’s sad that we can’t just plan travel.

Be Intentional About Staying In Contact

I have noticed that this season means I need to be so much more intentional about staying in contact. We are so incredibly lucky to have the technology that we do. We can video chat, we can call, we can text and message over Facebook. We can send letters and cards.

I have seen some really beautiful photos posted recently of people dropping off baked goods at friends doors. Our Church Kids department dropped off Easter Care packages on the doorsteps of our kids on Easter Sunday.

My daughter wrote a note and dropped it in our neighbours letterbox and he wrote back to us. We have never met him, but it turns out he is an Elderly man who lives alone. The kids went over and met him Sunday (staying a safe distance away)

It’s a New Kind Of Normal

There are so many ways that we can intentionally look after each other at a time when we can’t see each other the way we used to. I can guarantee you, if you are feeling sad or grieving the loss of “normal” that there are many people in your life feeling the same. Reach out to a friend, do something special for someone. Look after yourself and make sure that you talk to someone if you need to. We are all processing a new kind of normal and we need to look after each other while we do it.

Lorrene McClymont is an Author and Photographer based in South Australia. She writes faith-based blogs under the Essential Hope Banner. All images can be purchased through the Hope Images website

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